Snowy Barbecue, Sunny Parade

OK, last time I started to talk about two events that I was involved in a couple of weeks ago but instead I got sidetracked by the issue of everybody's nerves being on edge from fatigue.  Now, I'd like to go back to talking about those two events.  These events were based on things I … Continue reading Snowy Barbecue, Sunny Parade

Middle Earth Conversation

I may have gotten asked out on a date.  I'm not sure. For the past several months, I've been planning a conversation club.  Remember, that's a themed open lesson for any member of the public who wants to come.  Our school puts them on near the end of every month.  Each conversation club is the … Continue reading Middle Earth Conversation

Visions & Dreams

I love my life here, I really do.  There are several reasons for this.  First, it's not the fake life I used to live and that alone makes this a life to love.  More importantly, though, I'm always learning or experiencing something new or different. For example, just last week on International Women's Day, I … Continue reading Visions & Dreams