The Case of the Cat in the Night

My birthday was a little bit eventful, although I didn't tell you about it then.  Three things happened. The first thing was cockroach-related.  I hate roaches.  I mean, I hate roaches.  No, I mean I REALLY hate them.  Hate like, I killed one with a frying pan once - that level of hatred.  I'm also girly about killing cockroaches, … Continue reading The Case of the Cat in the Night

Second Impressions

Having been in Banda Aceh for a few weeks now, I've formed a few second impressions that I think it's time to share.  Notwithstanding the mini-rant of my last discourse on the Imigrasi debacle, I believe I've been objective in today's post, since I had already started forming these impressions before part 2 of that drama got … Continue reading Second Impressions

A Special Publishing Note

Hello, readers!  This is a special notice about my new publishing schedule. From late January into early February, I was publishing daily because I was doing a special series.  Before that, I really didn't have a schedule and was publishing in a totally random way.  Since the series ended a week and a half ago, … Continue reading A Special Publishing Note