Lena Camping Part 1 – Trip to Nature

Over the first weekend of June, right after the term ended, I went on my first real camping trip.  I've camped twice before but this was a more authentic level of camping that I hadn't experienced yet. The idea first came up a week and a half before the trip was set to begin.  One … Continue reading Lena Camping Part 1 – Trip to Nature

Why Am I Doing This, Again?

The day after I taught my last class of the school year, almost two weeks ago, two of my colleagues and I went off to our local challenge course.  For about a month, there had been talk in our excursions WhatsApp group about going there, and we finally decided that since the three of us … Continue reading Why Am I Doing This, Again?

Hike! Part 2 – Where’s The Ice?

A week after our hike to Kangalasskiy Mis, we set off on our second hike, which was to Tabaginskiy Mis.  This is another cape in the opposite direction overlooking a different part of the Lena River.  This time, I left my down jacket at home and instead wore my rain jacket, which is more durable … Continue reading Hike! Part 2 – Where’s The Ice?

Hike! Part 1 – Down to the River

For two Sundays straight – the first and second ones of this month – I exited the city and went on hikes to the Lena River. On the first of these hikes, we went to Kangalasskiy Mis, which is a cape overlooking one section of the river.  We went with a tour company that arranges … Continue reading Hike! Part 1 – Down to the River

Snowy Barbecue, Sunny Parade

OK, last time I started to talk about two events that I was involved in a couple of weeks ago but instead I got sidetracked by the issue of everybody's nerves being on edge from fatigue.  Now, I'd like to go back to talking about those two events.  These events were based on things I … Continue reading Snowy Barbecue, Sunny Parade