Body, Mind…Spirit?

I believe that a vacation is a time for rejuvenation.  It's a time to rest my body and my mind, to recover from the demands of my regular life.  It's a time when I step away from my normal responsibilities and allow myself to breathe.  During my last vacation, I covered everything I needed to in … Continue reading Body, Mind…Spirit?

Some Things New: At Work

Before I left Yakutsk for my summer vacation, I was offered a promotion at school.  I was asked to take on the position of head teacher for children, and I accepted the offer. Actually, the person who recommended me for the position had told me about her recommendation several weeks before the offer was officially … Continue reading Some Things New: At Work

All Things New: At Home

Good news: I'm finally done talking about my summer.  I know, right?  You were probably wondering when I'd get current.  Hallelujah, we're finally there. On the very first day of September, I boarded a flight from Kingston, Jamaica heading back to Yakutsk.  Two days later, after three flights and a long layover in Moscow during … Continue reading All Things New: At Home

Excellence in Small Things

I love living in a place where my skin colour doesn't matter and, in fact, is a source of fascination.  People stare at me quite a bit when I'm out and about but they're almost always respectful.  The rare idiot pops up from time to time but most people are welcoming and are obviously just … Continue reading Excellence in Small Things

August in a Nutshell

OK!  So you're finally caught up on how I spent the month of July.  Let's do August, but we'll do it all in one post. One major thing to know is that during August, I circumnavigated the globe within one year yet again!  And yet again, it was one hundred percent unintentional.  The reason why it … Continue reading August in a Nutshell

Ancient of Lakes Part 2 – There’s That Love Thing

I was in a beautiful setting, enjoying the experience of hiking around a small portion of the largest and most ancient of lakes.  How could there be a snake in my garden? Well, by day five I was pretty much over the trip and I just wanted to be done.  I didn't want to see … Continue reading Ancient of Lakes Part 2 – There’s That Love Thing

Ancient of Lakes Part 1 – To The Water

Failed again at the loving people thing.  Uuuugggghhh.  I'm a little bit sick of myself with this thing, to tell you the truth.  My breakthrough can't come soon enough. The weekend after my camping trip to Amga, I visited an ice field, again on the other side of the river.  It was a day trip … Continue reading Ancient of Lakes Part 1 – To The Water