JEXIT Stop 2 – Wait, We’re Done Already?

All photos in this post are credited to A.


When last Wednesday rolled around, I couldn’t believe that my 6 and a half days with A were already up.  When I was planning JEXIT, a week hadn’t seemed so short.  Now I’m wondering if that was so because, at the time of the planning, I was so ready to get started that one day seemed unending.

On Monday, we spent the day at home because A still wasn’t well and her doctor’s appointment wasn’t until late afternoon.  I used the time to wash and twist my hair, do my laundry, re-pack my roll-aboard suitcase, and watch Hallmark Christmas movies, since I had fallen behind in my Christmas movie schedule, what with the travel and busyness in the time since JEXIT had launched.  For a while, A felt bad that we were staying in all day but I told her to chill – she was sick and I had more than enough things to keep me occupied so it was absolutely for the best.


My first state-side burger…there was lettuce and tomato under all that other unhealthy looking deliciousness

The doctor’s visit went surprisingly quickly – which doctor have you been to lately where you weren’t the first appointment of the day and you only had to wait about 10 minutes before being seen?  We were in and out in less than 45 minutes and afterwards we stopped at a restaurant for dinner.  I had my first non-Southeast Asia burger in one year (I’ll forever be haunted by the burger with an egg and cucumbers in it that I had in Banda Aceh…forever, I said!  It was not good.).  My American burger was big and juicy and delicious, and I had it with a side of potato wedges.  Meanwhile, A had a healthy plate of chicken and rice.  After eating rice twice a day for almost one year, especially since I never used to eat it frequently before this year, I’m good and tired of it.  Therefore, I’m avoiding it at all costs right now, so more power to A for her chicken and rice.


My eggs Benedict and A’s veggie scramble with bagel and cream cheese 

On Tuesday, A was feeling better since her medication had started to kick in during the night, so we got an early start and went out for breakfast at a cute restaurant.  I had eggs Benedict – they were pretty good but I ignorantly ordered them sunny side up instead of over-easy, so they were runnier than I would have liked.  Still, other than that and the Hollandaise sauce being a little salty, I was happy with my breakfast.  Both of those shortcomings were my fault – I should have ordered my eggs the right consistency and I shouldn’t have sprinkled salt on top of the sauce (which was on top of the eggs) before I tried it – so I don’t hold those things against the restaurant at all.  Actually, I should probably be cutting back on eggs, since I got pretty tired of them towards the end of my time in Indonesia – my daily meals there included them way too frequently – but right now I’m having them in so many well-cooked ways that I can’t help myself.  I’ll cut back soon.


Saw this teeny tiny windup (not really, the key in back is fake) car in the parking lot of our breakfast restaurant.  Cuteness!

A had to work that day so after breakfast we settled in at a coffee shop for a few hours (she works from home so she can get her job done from anywhere that has wifi).  I had a cappuccino, did some writing, took care of some personal business online, and was generally productive while we were there.  I spent half the time sitting in a comfy leather armchair that I think I’ll have to duplicate in my future house.  Afterwards, we ran a few errands and had lunch before heading home for a quiet evening in.

By the way, lunch was soup and salad.  That sounds boring, right?  It totally wasn’t.  Tomato bisque soup with a giant plate of a mixture of salads, oat bread and a buttermilk muffin.  I’m feeling nostalgic for the food just writing all that.  It was all delicious and I topped it off with a bowl of soft serve ice cream – vanilla and chocolate swirl.

On Wednesday morning, A spoiled me by giving me something I had set my heart on while I was pre-JEXIT dreaming of all the food I would eat once it got underway.  A breakfast parfait!  I’ll tell you now, a good parfait is my second favourite breakfast, right after IHOP pancakes.

Finally, we headed into the city, where we had one more delicious lunch and a coffee together before A dropped me off at the airport.


One more lunch…I had the mac and cheese and chilli while A had the lasagna and soup

I still can’t believe how fast our time together ended, but it was scrumptious in every single way.  The food, coffee and company exceeded my most delicious dreams.

See you soon, my friend.


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