A Look Back

I struggled to think what I should write about today.  My time here is almost over – I have only 3 days left – and I couldn’t think what could be left for me to share with you.  Then it came to me.  Someone here said to me last night, “Kristine, you are rich…in memories.”  He was right.  This has been such an eventful year and I’ve made so many beautiful memories.  So for today, I meander through my favourite memories of this year through the pictures that document my journey.  Come, walk with me.

I started my year on the rooftop of Africa, and gained a new friend too
Three buleh on a bike in Banda Aceh
Defying gravity in Penang


Saying goodbye to my first student wasn’t easy
A and I being interviewed by CNN
The rice fields of Ubud in Bali
Sampai nanti, A…love you
My first active volcano…Mt. Merapi in Yogyakarta
2016-06-26 05.09.13
Mt. Rinjani in Lombok….blech
2016-07-27 00.02.04
Phnom Penh broke my heart…
2016-07-30 02.06.18
…and Siem Reap put it back together again
Hanging out with elephants in Luang Prabang
Chilling with a Coke in a hut on a hillside while watching the rain fall on Pulau Samosir
At the Batak wedding
Meeting an ambassador for the first time
My first train ride in Indonesia
Saying goodbye to my junior high girls

There you have it, a brief look back at my year.  There’s so much more that isn’t covered here: more volcanoes, people, food.  But these pictures represent some of the most important and happiest moments.

Although at times this year has been rough, looking back it’s easy to see that it’s actually been pretty awesome in more ways than I can count.  And I am ever so grateful for every experience that I have had.  I hope you’ve enjoyed journeying through it with me.

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